About Sinoteb

The Sinoteb Company was founded in early 2014 by a number of managements, medical and tourism professionals who were determined to develop this area and to increase the quality of healthcare and tourism in Iran. The company is engaged in several continuous activities with tireless efforts and high-quality services based on customer satisfaction and boasts that it has more than 200 successful operations annually in its activities. Sinoteb tries to provide the best and most affordable prices to our customers alongside providing high-quality services. Sinoteb Co. is currently operating in Iran and in the city of Shiraz, which is one of the medical and tourism poles in the world. The Sinoteb has hosted travelers and patients from different countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The Sinoteb is currently operating with more than 100 doctors, 20 clinics and hospitals, as well as 50 hotels, with the best flights and the most equipped hospitals, the most experienced doctors and the most suitable hotels, To Provide the best possible medical and tourism travel experience for you.

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