What is Sinoteb?

Sinoteb is a medical tourism and healthcare service provider in Iran.

Sinoteb Company was founded in early 2014 by a number of medical and tourism professionals who were determined to develop this area and increase the quality of healthcare and tourism in Iran. The company is engaged in many ongoing activities under its assets and relentless efforts, with a customer satisfaction approach to provide high-quality services and boasts that it has more than 200 successful operations annually in its activities. Sinoteb is trying to provide the best and most affordable prices to our customers as well as providing high-quality services. Sinotab is currently operating in Shiraz and Tehran.

Are there any warranties or guarantees on my procedure? What happens if something goes wrong?

Our doctors all offer guarantees or warranties on your treatment, and although no medical treatment can ever be guaranteed 100% due to the different ways our bodies react to things, the key to ensuring a successful outcome is to have your treatment performed by qualified and experienced medical staff in facilities that meet stringent hygiene and safety requirements. It is also imperative that you follow the guidelines after treatment so as not to jeopardize the healing process.

Many thousands of patients travel abroad for successful medical, surgical and cosmetic treatments, but in the rare event something does go wrong, you should let your doctor know, or get in touch with our Customer Care Team. We are more than happy to assist in getting any problem put right, and will act as your advocate if any issues arise.

We would also suggest taking out additional low-cost medical complications insurance before you travel – and although this won’t stop you from having any problems, it will at least cover any additional accommodation or travel expenses you may incur, which is one less thing to worry about.

Is it safe to travel alone for surgery?

Yes, it is, but you will probably feel much more at ease if you travel with somebody who can support and assist you. Some of our patients opt to have surgery together – the shared experience helps the recovery time to pass quicker, and supporting and taking care of someone else can help you take your mind off your own discomfort.

Do Sinoteb Offer All Services in packages?

Yes! Sinoteb will cover all the services cost including the medical fee for your surgeon, Airplane ticket, interpreter, Transportation, your medications & material that will be required for both your surgery & your stay in the hospital, Accommodation, and your pre-op tests. Packages will also include our concierge services. Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming package options.

What Makes SinoTeb Different From Other Medical Tourism Companies?

Many medical tourism companies are little more than “facilitators.” They just make all the arrangements—airfare, hotel, medical treatment—much the way a travel agent might.

With Sinoteb, from the moment you decide to book with us, you’re actually in our care. We customize every aspect of your wellness experience: your medical treatment, your travel, and accommodations.

Our doctors are experts in their fields and our wellness teams are consummate professionals. And you’re legally and contractually protected in the event of complications or other problems relating to your care. If something goes wrong—and it rarely does—you don’t have to fend for yourself. Sinoteb has you covered.

How can Sinoteb guarantee the best prices?

we have taken time to build strong relationships with our partner clinics and Hospitals. We negotiate special agency prices, which allows us to offer the best prices for you.

Will my information and medical documents kept private and safe?

Yes – One of the most important principles of our company is to keep all passenger information personal and make every effort so that passengers can safely share essential information with the doctor and company.

Why does it cost so much less to have surgery and cosmetic treatments in Iran?

In Iran offering surgery and cosmetic treatments living costs are typically much lower. This includes not just labor costs, including doctors’, anesthetists’, nursing and other associated medical staff, but other overheads, such as premises rent, utilities, laboratory materials, insurance, and administration expenses. These other ‘hidden’ expenses can amount to a sizeable chunk on top of your medical bill, and so any reduction in these costs will result in considerable savings to you.

What about the quality of care in Iran? Is it as good as at home?

Yes – in our experience it certainly can be. There are world-class facilities with excellent reputations, many of which are established, recognized centers for international patients.

Essentially, as long as you choose your doctor and clinic with care, you will be able to find exceptional standards of medical care practically in Iran. Booking with Sinoteb ensures that some of the precautions you should take when booking medical care abroad have already been done for you.

We work closely with our clinics and perform background checks on the qualifications and expertise of clinicians, as well as looking for any legal or criminal proceedings. We have people on the ground who undertake onsite inspections, and we also gather real patient testimonials. All these elements are taken together give us a reasonably good picture as to the quality of our clinics and doctors so that our patients can book with confidence and be realistically assured as to the outcomes of their treatment.

What about doctors? Are They highly qualified and experienced?

Yes – Sinoteb has partnered with leading specialists and surgeons who are highly-qualified and experienced in the fields of surgery, including Medical, cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Is Medical Care in Iran Safe?

Absolutely. Sinoteb physicians and support staff are thoroughly professional, deeply experienced, and highly trained. Our treatments are standard-of-care. our facilities are modern and comply with certified international safety standards. Sinoteb takes legal and contractual responsibility for your care and recovery.

How long will I need to stay?

This really depends on what procedures you have. Some cosmetic procedures, such as Botox or fillers can be carried out in a matter of minutes, and there is virtually no downtime so you won’t have to stay.

Surgery is a different matter. Although many surgical treatments can be carried out as an out-patient these days, you will usually have to stay around for a week or so to have stitches removed. Other big surgical procedure may necessitate you staying for longer. We can advise you, but the final decision rests with your surgeon.

Can I speak with the doctor directly?

Yes, of course. Just speak to our Customer Care Team who will arrange it.

Do you require information or medical history from my own doctor prior to travel?

It isn’t always necessary, but if you do have any health issues it is advisable to let us know beforehand. If you are having surgery to correct a particular health problem, such as hip or knee replacements then a medical history from your own doctor would be prudent.

How Long Will I Stay in Iran To Recover From my Procedure?

It depends. Sinoteb offers a suite of procedures and treatments that require very little downtime, while other larger surgeries may require a stay of 10-15 days. As a rule, we block outpatient stays the following way, as based on international care standards for the safest experience possible:

  • 5 to10 days for simple procedures
  • 10 to15 days for the average procedure
  • 15 to 30 days for the most complicated or multiple procedures.

In addition to ensuring your treatments have gone smoothly and you have enough time to recover before heading home, you have the opportunity to explore local culture, historic sites, and take tours during your stay. All of our tourist and cultural activities are handpicked in order to fit your post-procedure needs – when you’re ready to explore, simply ask your wellness concierge to arrange it all!

What Should I Know Before Heading Into An Operating Room?

While your doctor and Sinoteb team will prep you for your specific requirements based on your scheduled procedure, common pre-operation requirements include:

  • Personal identification on your person (ID)
  • Provide your complete clinical record
  • Keep a minimum fast of 8 hours (solids and liquids)
  • Read and sign the informed consent forms of each procedure planned
  • Remove metallic objects and leave valuables at home (earrings, piercings, etc.)
  • Remove dental prostheses and contact lenses
  • Pre-operatory and complementary labs when necessary (heart valuation, x-rays, ultrasound, etc.)
  • Notify of any allergies (medications, food, latex, etc.)
  • Bring special medications (diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases)
  • Provide a relative’s telephone to be contacted in case of emergency
  • Remove any artificial nails or nail polish
  • Notify if you take any kind of medication for sleeping, depression or pain relief
  • Spruce up before your surgery