Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery

Today’s biggest cause of death in the world is nothing but heart disease. It is the heartbeat that guarantees every moment of our life and gives us more time to enjoy life.

Humans should have always take care of their heart health. Exercising, non-smoking, avoiding eating fatty foods is one of the important factors for the health of the heart. From the age of 40, they must make an annual check-up for their heart

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Why in Iran?

Because of the high rates of cardiovascular disease in the country, Iranian cardiologists are more successful in cardiovascular surgery than in many other countries. Iran with a long history of cardiac surgery is one of the most desirable destinations for cardiovascular surgery. Iran currently has 250 heart surgeons using World Day techniques.

Also, the cost of doing this in Iran is very low compared to other destinations, which is one of the biggest advantages in this area – the quality is the same or even higher.

heart attack

is a serious medical emergency in which the supply of blood to the heart is suddenly blocked

This happens when the muscle of veins that carry blood to the heart are blocked.

When the blood flow is blocked, the heart muscles are destroyed very soon.

Symptoms of heart attack

Pain or chest tightness – Pain in the back, jaw, throat and hands

Nausea, dyspepsia and heartburn

– Weakness, anger and shortness of breath

– Abnormal heartbeat

Heart attack in women

Women with a heart attack do not feel chest pain. Women are more likely to experience heartburn, loss of appetite, fatigue and weakness, coughing, heartbeat, or severe heart rhythm than men.

These symptoms should not be ignored and should be referred to the doctor immediately. If you reject the treatment, your heart will become more serious.

What happens in the heart during a heart attack?

A plaque (deposits of substances such as blood lipids) deposited in the blood vessels causes a blood clot.

Many people do not realize that they have heart disease until symptoms of a heart attack are revealed.

If the blood clot completely blocks the vein, blood flow does not go to a part of the heart muscle.

If treatment is not taken immediately, that part of the heart muscle is destroyed and dies.