Dental Procedure

Dental Procedure

The beauty of the teeth is very effective in having an attractive smile. Beauty experts believe that each person’s smile can take up to 30 percent of her beauty. The beauty of a smile requires the beauty of the teeth as symmetry and multiplicity of balance. Distortion of teeth is a common problem that can be seen in different degrees in some people. Apart from creating aesthetic problems, the unevenness of the teeth can lead to more serious problems, such as the inability to clean teeth or incorrect food chewing.

Having white teeth that are arranged in a special arrangement may be a wish for many. Nowadays, with the ever-increasing advances in dentistry, it’s almost impossible. Perhaps, by looking at the term “beauty of the tooth”, you quickly learn to remember the orthodontics of the teeth, but you must know that there are other ways to make your teeth straight. Methods that are probably used by movie stars and celebrities.

The term Cosmetic Dentistry has become very popular today. The Cosmetic Dentistry is actually involved with the appearance of the teeth and increasing the beauty of the person who emphasizes dental art more than dental science.

The use of skill along with the beauty and elegance of other branches of this field can be seen in the Cosmetic Dentistry. Cosmetic Dentistry is beyond dentistry. Because along with factors such as knowledge of materials and working with dental materials and knowledge of dental anatomy, you should be familiar with the science of beauty.

Why Iran?

In general, the cost of dentistry, and especially the Cosmetic Dentistry, is very expensive in all countries of the world, and insurance does not cover the costs and cover these costs except in very specific countries. And many people do not go to dental clinics except in pain situations.

In Iran, in comparison with other countries, costs are much lower and the quality is higher, and many people in other countries prefer to go to Iran for Cosmetic Dentistry because Despite the cost of flights and open accommodation They also cost less than their own country.


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