Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery

You may be surprised to know that your eyes have a lot to say about your health. Unusual colors, seeds, and bulbs do not only affect your vision and indicate a health hazard to your eyes. Therefore, a six-month eye check is required for all people. Especially It is essential for those with diabetes to check-up performed every 3 months.

Why choose Iran to Eye Surgery?

Eye surgery is a very delicate action that requires great care and expertise. Nowadays, Iran is one of the pioneers in the field of eye surgery and has experienced ophthalmologists such as Dr. Ali Asghar Khodadost, who has provided outstanding services to the global medical community.


SinoTeb Co. with more than 250 successful eye surgery and collaboration with the top specialists and hospitals in this area is ready to serve all health tourists from all over the world Who choose Iran as their destination.

In the past, the glasses were the only refractive error correction solution, but with the advancement of science and technology, various surgical methods to correct refractive errors have been developed that. Among these methods, laser treatment is very common. These methods include LASIK, Femto LASIK, PRK.

LASIK is an outpatient procedure used to correct refractive error. This technique is one of the most appropriate and fastest ways to correct eye refractive errors. In this method, a thin cut of the cornea is created, then the patient, with the guidance of the surgeon, looks at the flashing light above his head; this is when the laser is pushed through the surface of the cornea. Femto-LASIK is also one of the newest methods for the refractive error correction that is done by Femtosecond laser.

Currently, the most commonly used is cornea cutting during LASIK, which can be considered the LASIK superior form. The Femto-LASIK laser has created a very large transformation in refractive surgery.