Fracture and Orthopedic

Fracture and Orthopedic

Orthopedics is a branch of the surgery that operates in the body’s movement system. The movement system includes bones, joints, muscles and other tissues that are present in the movement system.

Although orthopedics is a branch of surgical science, this does not mean that the orthopedic surgeon is just a surgeon. He addresses any disease that somehow affects the movement system of the body.

The hands and feet and the waist, and neck and pelvis, and the pains of these areas, and movement constraints and deformation of limbs are all in the circle of orthopedic activity.

What is the main task of orthopedics?

An orthopedic specialist who is a bone specialist, or bone surgeon and joints or orthopedist, is trying to diagnose and cure movement system problems using surgical and non-surgical methods.

Problems like:

  • Bone and joint damage such as fractures, stretch, Tendon Injury and ….
  • Sports injuries
  • Failure of the joints, such as arthritis and joint rubbing
  • Infections of the organs
  • Bone tumors and soft tissue organs

Why Iran?

Currently, Iran is among the top 10 countries in the field of orthopedics and has a long history of treating the disease. At the moment, Iran is one of the most attractive destinations for health tourism in comparison with other countries.


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Due to the explosive spread of science in all branches, including orthopedics, orthopedic medicine has been subdivided and many orthopedic surgeons have limited their activities to a subcategory. In this way, they try to focus on the field in order to gain more knowledge and experience.