The beautiful nose is one of the most important factors in the beauty of the face and many people in the world are not satisfied with the shape of their noses and are willing to change it. Rhinoplasty or nose job is the most commonly Cosmetic Surgery in the world, and millions of people around the world go under the blade of beautiful surgeons every year to make changes in their appearance.

Why we should do cosmetic nose surgery in Iran?

Perhaps the Iranian interest in science, especially medical science and surgery, and their passion for beauty, is one of the most important reasons for turning Iran into a pillar of Cosmetic Surgery in the region. The same characteristics have caused thousands of nose surgery in Iran to occur annually, and hundreds of people around the world to come to Iran for a nose job. The same number of surgical procedures led to a variety of forms from natural forms to fantasies. Many Iranian surgeons are practicing in advanced countries such as the United States, and their name sparkles at the head of many beauty associations.


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Types of nose:

There are two main types of noses as far as rhinoplasty is concerned: bony nose and fleshy nose (meaty nose).

bony nose 

The main characteristic of the bony nose

  • Appearance: Having a hump on the nose.
  • In terms of building: cartilage and solid bone tissue
  • Skin: It has a thin skin so that the nose bone is palpable

Bony nose surgery

The main characteristic of the fleshy nose

  • Appearance: The tip of the nose is generally round
  • In terms of building: with weak tissue and cartilage.
  • Skin: It has thick skin and active fat glands under the skin of the tip of the nose so that if we squeeze the nose skin with two fingers, we will see some fat.

fleshy nose surgery

For having results favorable and lasting surgery like a bony nose, Surgeon use grafting and strengthening of weak tissue and cartilage. Nasal swelling of the fleshy nose after surgery is greater. The result of the fleshy nose in most cases is nose with a normal form.

Combination Nose

A combination nose is a combination of fleshy and Bony nose.

This group of noses may have a bump on the bridge of the nose in addition to thick skin at the tip of the nose.

Surgery of this group of noses will be more successful if the skin of the nose has a lower thickness, and has more resistant to tissue and cartilage.